Carmen Ruiz Lideen – Founder

Carmen Lideen has had 20 years of Hospice experience. She has worked for several National and Community based Hospices as a Volunteer, Director of Development, Hospice Administrator, VP of Development and Hospice Consultant.

Serving others with intentional integrity and especially our very precious senior population with great faith, humility, grace and a kind heart, which she believes are essential traits within ones spirit that should be present, in order to bring comfort unto others. This has always been critically important to her and those whom are led to join her.

It is more imperative now than ever to stand for unconditional love, truth and principled, ethical practices. The Medicare Hospice Benefit is not to be taken for granted as it is not to be abused. Ms. Klemis has been a Senior Advocate for many years and strives to continue each day.

Her loving parents taught her at very young age to work hard, and to give comfort to those who needed assistance. At the age of 10 she remembers her mother Virginia, on most Saturdays, would take Carmen and her little sister to bathe, feed, clean and nourish the spirit of the sick and dying, while her father Reynaldo would work with the men of St. Vincent De Paul in delivering food to those who didn’t have enough.

With the same vocation and desire to serve, Carmen knows there is no limit to loving, caring, and sharing words as to comfort the overwhelmed spirit while demonstrating exceptional, team focused clinical care with proven results. Choose Valiant Hospice, the ethical Hospice of choice!