For The Love of Country

Elise Haley
US Air Force –  Command and Control

Alex Mock
US Army – Infantry

Reynaldo Figueroa Ruiz
US Navy – Seaman 3rd class

Carlos Andrade Molina​
82nd Airborne Seargent First Class

Bless R Rusk
Army Air Force, 2nd Lt., Glider Pilot in WWII

Corporal Raymond Roland Chouinard Sr.

Bryan Ruth​
USAF Security Forces

Serving Our Veterans

Valiant Hospice respects and salutes our veterans from all generations and every branch of service. As free citizens of the United States of America, we are grateful and committed to all military and valiant soldiers that wore the uniform so we could benefit from the countless freedoms we enjoy daily.

We welcome and train military veteran volunteers who grace us and our patients/families for becoming a specialized volunteer, in assisting us in honoring patients that have had similar experiences with military life.

This program is called Veteran to Veteran, or we like to refer to it as V2V. A military veteran volunteer is able to understand the needs of a veteran patient as end of life nears, so much more than most. We salute them and you.

V2V is a volunteer program specifically established to focus on the needs of our military veterans through similar experiences and support. All volunteers at Valiant Hospice are highly trained as required by Medicare. As a V2V volunteer you will be making a difference in the life of a fellow veteran. Please consider joining forces and in becoming a military veteran volunteer for Valiant Hospice & Palliative Care.

We welcome your application!

To find out more, call(602) 274-1952 or contact us